-----Paris Hilton <3 (shannon93) wrote in michigan_cheer,
-----Paris Hilton <3

Okay this really isnt a application..but i have an idea for something a bit differnt tell me what u think :/


I feel kinda stupid posting on this, considering i dont do poms. It looks like SO much fun though, and im going to be trying out in 1 year exsactly.

~Im not that flexible

~ i Suck @ everything i do

~ Cant do stunts or anything!

BUT I WANT TO DO POMS... i dont know why ive just always wanted to do it...

I have exsactly a year, and if you can all try to help me become good. Then we can see what happends when i try out =)

Any videos/dvds? Exercizes? Anything!

So people post here or add me to friends or anything.

E-mail me too smbayless@aol.com

This can be like a re-make of like mtv's made


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